Gr 5-8 Girls Team Perth County Chrysler, Hoops For Fun House League, 2022/2023, HL (Stratford Basketball Association)

This Team is part of the 2022/2023 season, which is not set as the current season.
Sk-Gr 2 Team Bosco Pool201
Gr 5-6 Team MVA Stratford100
Gr 5-6 Team Belfor100
Sk-Gr 2 Team Southwest Vets100
Gr 3-4 Team Maranger100
Gr 3-4 Team Pazzo001
Gr 3-4 Team All Shores Fencing001
SK-Gr 2 Team Maranger011
Gr 3-4 Team MVA Stratford010
Sk-Gr 2 Team Orr Insurance010
Gr 5-6 Team Pazzo010
Gr 5-6 Team Maranger010
Sk-Gr 2 Team Belfor010
Sk-Gr 2 Team Pazzo000
Sk-Gr 2 Team MVA Stratford000
Sk-Gr 2 Team Braai House000
Gr 3-4 Team Belfor000
Gr 3-4 Team Belliveau Construction000
Gr 5-8 Girls Team Stratford Motor Products000
Gr 5-8 Girls Team Perth County Chrysler000
Gr 5-8 Girls Team Belliveau Construction000
Gr 5-8 Girls Team All Shores Fencing000
Gr 7-8 Team Maranger000
Gr 7-8 Team Belfor000
Gr 7-8 Team Pazzo000
Gr 7-8 Team MVA Stratford000
Gr 9-12 Team Turner Plumbing000
Gr 9-12 Team Dunnys000
Gr 9-12 Team Stratford Airporter000
Gr 9-12 Team Orr Insurance000
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No upcoming games scheduled.
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